The Center on Philanthropy and Public Policy conducts research and analysis on philanthropy and the nonprofit sector. The Center’s goal is to provide useful and useable knowledge in three key areas:

  • Changing Landscape of Philanthropy -The Center examines emerging philanthropic trends and the resulting impact on nonprofits, foundations and the community.
  • Philanthropic Strategies for Public Problem Solving - The Center studies ways that philanthropic organizations and individuals can develop more effective strategies for public problem solving, particularly through partnerships with nonprofits, government and business.
  • Philanthropic Leadership and Stewardship - The Center analyzes governance issues for philanthropic organizations to honor donor intent and to ensure greater accountability, as well as public policies that influence philanthropic behavior.

The Center also engages with the nonprofit and philanthropic community in a variety of research projects and communicates relevant findings through its research reports and papers, as well as through various convenings.