Looking Ahead: The Future of Place-Based Initiatives and the Implications for Funder Strategy and Practice


November 5, 2015 – James M. Ferris presented findings from a new report issued by The Center on Philanthropy and Public Policy at a roundtable in Washington, DC organized by the National Governor’s Association that explored how state government could support the variety of place-based efforts underway across the country. In his remarks, Ferris noted that leading practitioners and scholars are moving past the notion of place-based initiatives as self-contained projects or laboratory experiments toward more expansive and “connective” approaches that account for local community dynamics.

He noted several challenges facing funding institutions and place-based leaders as work on placed based initiatives continues to evolve: creating new policy- and action-oriented organizational structures; forging cross-sector partnerships with government and business; and adapting evaluation methods and measures of success to be more inclusive, adaptive and systems-oriented. Ferris concluded his remarks by underscoring the importance of using equity as key organizing principle and focal point for such efforts.

The remarks were based on Looking Ahead, co-authored by Elwood Hopkins, Founder and Managing Director, Emerging Markets, which examines the future of place-based initiatives and the implications for funder strategy and practice. The report builds on findings from The Center’s year-long inquiry into the state of place-based initiatives that concluded with a forum at USC in December 2014 – Prioritizing Place – and the subsequent publication of a monograph: Place-based Initiatives in the Context of Public Policy and Markets: Moving to Higher Ground in May of 2015. Looking Ahead and Ferris’s presentation were made possible with the support of the California Endowment.

The report can be downloaded here

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